A Soulful Approach to Life and Art
As Spiritual

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Have you ever wondered why bad things
happen in your life when you know you are doing
all the right things?

Is illness merely a wake up call
or is there a
deeper spiritual meaning?

What propels you to your soul's growing edge?

To be a buddha means to be awake
while living the questions.

With tips on finding the time to meditate and the benefits of meditation in life, advice for embracing creativity, and thoughts on finding one’s place in the world of spirituality, author Kate McLennan proves a solid spiritual teacher. A strong and recommended pick for anyone who struggles to fit time for their spirit into their lives. ~ Midwest Book Review

Deepen your spirituality

Awaken as you live your own questions

Explore creativity as spiritual practice

The Messy Buddha spotlights Rev. Dr. Kate McLennan's journey to awaken and find meaning while dancing on her soul’s growing edge through cancer, chronic illness, and the messiness of life.

“I invite you to dance on your soul’s growing edge. Your guide is messy, imperfect, and not the greatest dancer. But I am willing, and offering my hand and my heart.”

This book has, among other things, allowed me a gentle passage back to my essential self. ~ Amazon Review, K. Walker

Part spiritual memoir,
part instruction manual—

Dance steps for the soul’s growing edge.

Learn to appreciate a world filled with beauty and breathtaking wonder hiding behind all the messiness and ambiguity of life seeking to distract us from our Divine Source. See through the eyes of a true spiritual warrior. ~ Amazon Reviewer, Brian E. Erland, “Rainbow Sphinx”

Imagine Anne Lamott’s gritty gospel grandeur tangling with
Natalie Goldberg’s zafu-riding zen zestiness

Enter The Messy Buddha:
Dancing on the Soul's Growing Edge

Photo: Dr. Shaz Austin Davison

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